Z7 LCD Monitor 2

for the Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard Lcd screen


Monitor screen

  • displays the CPU usage, over the last 2.5 minutes
  • select your favorite chart style:
    • single graph for all CPU's
    • one graph per CPU (stacked or alternate)
    • several color schemes
  • displays the full date and time, in text
    • formatted according to your local settings
  • displays warnings:
    • envelope icon when there is unread email (only with Outlook)
    • message when free memory (physical RAM) is low
  • all information is available on a single screen

Magnifier screen (loupe)
  • displays a section of your main screen on the lcd
  • adjustable zoom level
  • select alternate cursor for highest precision
  • only for the Windows desktop, does not work in games (yet)
  • all functions are controlled with the special lcd keys
  • the application is light on system resources: memory and CPU usage is lower than for the default Logitech Clock and monitor application
  • it's free

Download Z7 Lcd Monitor 2

Note: download is working again [2015-12-24]
Z7 LCD Monitor is written in Delphi 2009

You can download the source code for the wrapper class that I developed for this application.

The code can be compiled with Delphi 7 and higher versions.

2015 Update: My G19 is still working great and I still use this tool as the main G19 applet. Haven't really updated it; don't need to; it's working great on Windows 10.